Get To Know Me W/ Pictures and Words

I was born on Long Island in New York back in 1986 I don't much remember being a baby. I grew up in Chapel Hill North Carolina where I gained my yuppy southern charm as well as my flower-child demeanor. Always drawing before all else I managed to skirt by and pass high school before continuing on to art college down in Savannah (SCAD, some school, you've probably never heard of it..)After a time I found myself creating a lot of personal art, as well as waging away on cartoons such as SquidbilliesUnsupervisedOut There, or The AwesomesI've lived in many places Florida and Colorado are also states I've resided and what where shaped my overall being. After working for the weekend year after year and seeing our systems steadfastly broken, I decided to enter into the public policy discussion by running for Mayor as someone not chosen by the corporations and news media to keep status quoing.

Looking left, or perhaps right, Alex here is always looking forward to the future.

Alex contemplates inequality, innocents being preyed on, etc and wants our systems to do better.

Sometimes it feels as if we are making slow, slow progress. I believe in acceleration

Sometimes a cartoon but always a cartoonist, Alex can often be spotted as a vaguely resemblanced avatar at times

Fearless (exempt spiders, heights, the ocean)

Learned and enlightened by a world of colorful art

I like coffee black with plenty of creme

I've moved many times. This however,  is a still.

Seen here in a rare, 超サイヤ人(super saiyan), form.

Wishes he could braid his own hair.

Hello there, pardon my intrusion. Lets talk about fixing roads, making sure everyone has sidewalks, green spaces/community gardens, building a robust competitive train system, wealth distribution, $1k a month, traffic lights that have a clue, wegal leed, public gigabit internet, breaking up corporate control of our government, 100% clean drinking water without chemical byproducts or lead, transforming with a public online forum, secure online voting using block-chain verification and such like that. Goodbye, thank you.


Who is this geeko? cosplay lol

Can you tell I'm in Jacksonville here? 
Good eye.

If you see ^this guy^ acting in official capacity know that he is acting in ways to give you power and to remove it from those controlling us. 

I enjoy playing Rock Band and play all the parts pretty well on expert.
My favorite show is Dragonball
I eat stuff off the ground pretty regularly.
East Point is totally still within Atlanta ..right?

Get To Know Your May(oral canidate) With Pictures and Words