Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Write in Alex Barrella for Mayor of Atlanta

[We lost the vote cuz the election was unfair]

\\Why Alex Barrella for Mayor?
Alex Barrella is a cartoonist who believes we can have amazing public policy that creates a utopia-like landscape where everyone is healthy and free. He is running for Mayor of Atlanta and hopes you will vote on November 7th..December 5th 2017 to make that happen.

Health Caring- mental / physical care available for anyone in the city for a healthy city.

Road Fixing- Getting our streets and bridges back to a maintained state. Equal attention to creating safe sidewalks and bike lanes. More sensible road signs, stop signs, peace signs. 
Traffic lights that know whats happening and react safely and efficiently.

Modern Interneting- gigabit internet for every home. 22nd century tech. to keep the city on the cutting edge of innovation and out from the choke-hold of the terrible ISP monopolies.

Criminal Justice- find and destroy corruption and unjustness in our offices, courts, streets and homes.  No more of us paying so dearly for "'Crimes'" be it via extortive fines or worse, a one way trip into that prison industry we currently have going and need to end.

Smarter Website- Revamped Atlanta.gov with online voting backed up by security of block-chain technology for future-proof public records. Every citizen voting often on things they care about. Public discussion forums where everyone can be polite and get a voice same as everyone else(like whoa).

Basic Income- $1,000 a month because: . We implement a program within the city where everyone picks up $1k every month and see what happens. Imagine the innovative growth when everyone pursues their passions rather than a lifetime of wage-slavery.

Colorful, Tasteful, Community-Involved City-Wide Makeover- Revitalize the city in a fun and uplifting way with murals, community tag walls and like, just filling in where we seem to've forgotten sidewalks w/ rainbow colored concrete. My administration will encourage you to remix the city.

Alex pushes onward and continues to win hearts, minds and hopefully enough votes this Nov 7th Dec 5th Nov 2nd 2021 to elect me to this very important, solemn position that I will approach with creativity, positivity and the desire to get we the peoples back to shaping our political scene rather than corporations doing so for us.

Vote for me.

Thank you,

Thursday, October 2, 1986

Alex Barrella 4 Mayor 4 Atlanta 2021

   Alex Barrella 4 Mayor 4 Atlanta   
    November 2nd 2021   
I've launched the campaign blog for my 2021 run: